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Unlock Data and AI Potential with a Fully Orchestrated Health Lakehouse


Doral Health and Wellness, in collaboration with Percept Health, discussed the advancements in state-of-the-art healthcare data lakehouse systems in the session "Unleashing Data and AI Possibilities with a Fully Integrated Health Lakehouse."

Introduction and Partnership

The session was led by Kallush Mildani, founder of Percept Health and author of "The Hidden Crisis". Armed with an MBA from the University of Cambridge and solid career stints at Microsoft, Epic, and Oral-M Health, Mildani is a staunch believer in the transformative power of healthcare data, which is the cornerstone of Percept Health's mission.

Percept Health is renowned for developing solutions that seamlessly integrate data and AI into healthcare. Their collaboration extends to health management systems, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and Comprehensive Insurance Medicals (CIM), offering tailor-made platform solutions that address specific healthcare needs.

The session emphasized the crucial role of strategic partnerships in advancing the healthcare sector by leveraging the capabilities of data and AI. Mildani highlighted the need for what he termed "actionable healthcare data" to drive their vision forward.

Key takeaways from the session included the importance of merging deep industry knowledge with advanced technological expertise. This approach enhances the utility of data analytics and AI, improving healthcare outcomes. Percept Health’s efforts to advance healthcare through innovative methods and improve care processes were notably recognized as a significant contribution to the field.

In the healthcare sector, ensuring data quality is a top priority for several critical reasons, including patient safety and privacy, as emphasized in the session focused on "building a comprehensive medical data platform".

Doral Health and Wellness and Percept Health have acknowledged these prerequisites and have embarked on constructing a highly integrated data lakehouse. The platform is meticulously designed to integrate multifaceted data inputs from up to 16 diverse sources, including insurers, ACOs, and Clinical Information Systems (CIS), enriching the dataset with data from HPE as well.

The strength of this platform lies in its ability to provide healthcare providers with accurate, real-time data. This capability allows clinicians and healthcare decision-makers to advance patient care more effectively based on insights from data. A dedicated approach to ensuring data security and privacy aligns with the major concerns in healthcare data management, safeguarding patient information.

By facilitating an integrated view of various data points, this platform represents a crucial step in harnessing the capabilities of AI and data analytics in healthcare, ensuring that technological advancements align with protecting patient benefits.

Transition to Cloud and Integration of AI

Initially, it was highlighted that a significant portion of customers had not adopted cloud technology. Many organizations do not possess a single cloud-based database, a common scenario unless IT management is outsourced to software vendors, highlighting a gap in direct cloud engagement.

The Great Leap to Cloud

The discussion underscored the maturity of transformative cloud technology over the past decade. Platforms like Databricks have revolutionized data processing capabilities, offering compelling reasons for healthcare institutions to adopt cloud technology. The barrier to entry is lower than ever, allowing even traditional businesses to jump directly into sophisticated cloud infrastructures.

Utilizing Machine Learning and AI

Once a foothold in the cloud is established, leveraging machine learning and traditional AI algorithms becomes significantly more feasible. These technologies amplify the ability to analyze extensive healthcare data with improved accuracy and efficiency. However, the real game-changer lies in adopting general AI technologies, capable of transforming the way healthcare data is processed and applied in real-time scenarios.

Comprehensive Insights and Forecasts

As the session progressed, further details emerged on the vital role of integrated cloud and AI technologies in future healthcare. These innovations promote enhanced data analytic capabilities, leading to quicker and more accurate decision-making processes. Ultimately, this technological synergy is expected to dramatically improve the quality of patient care and operational efficiency within healthcare systems.

Theme of Section: Advanced Data Management and Predictive Analytics

Doral Health and Wellness is making significant progress in improving healthcare through the deployment of their Rockstars platform, as part of their partnership with Percept Health. By leveraging advanced data management technology and predictive analytics, they are setting new standards in medical efficiency and service delivery.

Rigorous Data Management and Onboarding Processes

The Rockstars platform is known for its rigorous data management process, essential for integrating new data, employing a stringent verification process similar to what Uber uses for onboarding drivers. These processes include the verification of qualifications of food donation institutions and ensuring they meet the needed qualifications and operational areas.

Effective Integration of Payment Systems

In order to streamline financial transactions, the Rockstars platform has adopted a Stripe-based payment system. This setup not only facilitates seamless management of financial transactions but also ensures that participants receive payments swiftly. This is a crucial part of the onboarding process, efficiently handling the financial transactions of medical providers and associated volunteers.

Comprehensive Support Framework and Scalable Solutions

The Rockstars platform comes equipped with a comprehensive support system to handle inquiries or issues that may arise during the onboarding process. This robust support, combined with the scalable solutions of the platform, enables medical providers and volunteer organizations to smoothly streamline operations and enhance service delivery while efficiently overcoming any challenges.

Through the collaboration between Doral Health and Wellness and Percept Health, technologies in Advanced Data Management and Predictive Analytics are being utilized to maximize the capabilities of their health lakehouse, setting innovative benchmarks in the medical industry.

As Doral Health and Wellness continues to explore the future direction of data and AI in healthcare, they recognize the potential of implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) for diagnostic purposes to enhance patient engagement. While there are potential benefits, challenges such as the generation of erroneous information by complex models like OpenAI's GPT also exist. Addressing these issues requires fine-tuning these models using accurate and specialized medical datasets.

Taking proactive steps, Doral Health and Wellness plans to collaborate with John Snow Labs, leveraging their extensive expertise in refining AI models over the past two years. This partnership aims to enhance the accuracy of these models without building all solutions from scratch or continuously purchasing new technologies. By adopting efficient methodologies, they can streamline processes and improve downstream data processing, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the system.

Moving forward, collaborations like with John Snow Labs, focusing on securing accurate data operations, signify an aggressive approach in the evolving landscape of healthcare data and AI. This section highlights Doral Health and Wellness’s commitment to overcoming emerging challenges and ensuring the innovative and safe application of AI in healthcare, aligning with the comprehensive goals of improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency within the sector.

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