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Delta Sharing: The Key Data Mesh Enabler Part 1


​This is Johann from the Global Engineering Department of the GLB Division.​

In this article, we will discuss the presentation "Delta Sharing: The Key Data Mesh Enabler," which explains the enablers of data mesh. This presentation introduces the construction of a data platform in a British nuclear power plant project using Delta Sharing, a key enabler of data mesh. ​ This blog is divided into two parts, and this time we will deliver Part 1. For engineers interested in Data & AI, CIOs, and business leaders building data platforms, this detailed explanation of data mesh enablers and the data sharing standards of Delta Sharing will be very informative. ​ Now, let's dive into the main topic! ​

Explanation of Data Mesh Enablers

​ Data mesh is a new approach to effectively utilize data and plays an important role in building data platforms. In this presentation, Francesco Pizzolonexplains the enablers of data mesh. ​

British Suffolk Nuclear Power Plant Project

​ The nuclear power plant project in Suffolk, UK, aims to stabilize energy supply and reduce environmental impact. In this project, the utilization of data is an essential element, and the enablers of data mesh are attracting attention. ​

Building a Data Platform for Celsius C, a Joint Venture Company

​ Celsius C is a joint venture company established to support the nuclear power plant project. The company is working on building a data platform, utilizing data mesh enablers. ​ The key points in building a data platform are as follows: ​

  1. Data integration: It is essential to centrally manage various data related to the project and efficiently utilize it.

  2. Data quality management: Maintaining and improving data quality enables accurate analysis and decision-making.

  3. Data accessibility: Easy access to data is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of data utilization.

Delta Sharing as a Data Mesh Enabler

​ Delta Sharing is an open protocol that makes data sharing and access easier. By utilizing this protocol, the construction of a data platform can be efficiently advanced. ​

Topics on the Latest Concepts, Features, and Services

The Spread of Data Mesh and Future Prospects

​ Data mesh is attracting attention as a new approach to maximize the effectiveness of data utilization, and its adoption is expected to increase in the future. Furthermore, the use of Delta Sharing as a data mesh enabler is also expected to expand. ​ In this context, building data platforms using data mesh and Delta Sharing will become an increasingly important theme in the future. ​


​ In this article, we discussed the presentation "Delta Sharing: The Key Data Mesh Enabler," which explains the enablers of data mesh. Delta Sharing, a key enabler of data mesh, plays an important role in building data platforms. ​ In Part 2, we will explain the differences between traditional centralized data platforms and data mesh, as well as the four core concepts of data mesh. We will also touch on the importance of standardization across different platforms and communication between teams, so stay tuned!


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