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Part 2: Introducing Data + AI Summit 2024 (Generative AI (GenAI))


This is Abe from the Lakehouse Department of the GLB Division.

The DATA + AI SUMMIT (DAIS), hosted by Databricks, will be held again this year!


It will be held in San Francisco from June 10th to 13th, and there is about one month until the event.

This year, we will update the local reports and session contents on the blog on the special website, so we hope you will take a look.

In this article, I will explain my personal highlights and points of interest at DAIS.

This article also explains the highlights of DAIS.


Highlights of this year

I will write about the highlights of DAIS personally. Since we won't know the contents of the services announced in Keynote until the day, I'm writing about what I personally hope will be announced.

Sessions on Generative AI

This year's highlight is the session on Generative AI (GenAI). As you can see from the article introduced at the beginning, this year GenAI is available in the session category, accounting for more than 10% of the total sessions. (I think there will be even more if we include Keynote)

I'm also very interested in overseas cases. I'm looking forward to hearing how the world's top companies are using Databricks' GenAI features (Vector Search, the recently announced DBRX) to solve business problems.

Announcements of new features

Last year's Keynote saw many new service announcements, such as Lakehouse AI. I imagine that this year in particular there will be new service announcements that utilize GenAI.

You can see last year's announcements by watching the Keynote on YouTube.

Databricks - YouTube

Regional expansion of services

Some Databricks services are in public preview and can only be used in some regions (especially services related to Gen AI). I hope that such features will be made generally available and that more services will be available in the Japan region.

Changing the status of private preview

Services in private preview can only be used by the applicant, and cannot be used in projects due to possible changes and publication restrictions. I hope that there will be services whose status will be changed to public preview or GA.


I think that DAIS will probably announce various features, mainly GenAI. When new features are announced, it will be busy catching up, so I felt that it was important to understand existing services now. I think the session contents will be announced and increased until DAIS, so I will be checking the site regularly.

In the next blog, I would like to introduce some DAIS sessions that I am interested in. I will continue to update my DAIS blog, so please look forward to it!

About the special site during DAIS

This year, we have prepared a special site to report on the session contents and the situation from the DAIS site! We plan to update the blog every day during DAIS, so please take a look.