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Introducing Databricks Data + AI Summit 2024 (Looking back on last year)


It's May from the Lakehouse Department of the GLB Division.

This year, Databricks' "Data + AI Summit 2024" will be held in San Francisco, so let me introduce it to you as it approaches.

Table of Contents

Data + AI Summit 2024 Event Overview

It's Databricks' largest event held once a year, and it brings together top executives from various industries around the world, customers who use Databricks' products and services, partners, data and AI experts, engineers, and others in one place.

  • Participate in keynote speeches, over 500 case studies, and technical sessions on the entire data, analytics, and AI ecosystem

  • Keep up to date with the latest updates from Databricks and the entire ecosystem

  • Participate in networking events to discuss the latest news, innovations, and trends

  • Participate in parties, social gatherings, cross-industry networking opportunities, and expert panels such as the Women in Data discussion

  • Participate in hands-on training and obtain certification

There are many benefits, so if you are interested, please join us!


Last year's articles on DAIS 2023 are summarized on the special website below.


Event Overview

Venue: San Francisco, Moscone Center
Date: June 10-13, 2024

Review of Data + AI Summit 2023

Last year, over 300 sessions were held over three days, including a keynote speech led by CEO Ali Ghodsi. The CEOs of Google and Microsoft also participated. APC participated both in person and virtually, and published 100 articles.

Session Preview

Overall, over 500 sessions are scheduled to be held. At this time, 323 session previews can be viewed on the official website.

Highlights of DAIS 2024

Looking at the updated session content, the following top four categories are worth checking out.

  1. AI/ML
  2. Governance
  3. Delta Lake
  4. Generative AI/LLM

The trends seem to be centered on efficient operation of AI and ML workflows,

using modern data architectures such as Delta Lake with a focus on governance to enable data sharing and management,

and combining AI and governance to ensure new technologies are implemented responsibly.

The session and keynote speech on DBRX, announced in March 2024, is also expected to be a highlight of this event. (You can see the announcement of DBRX at the link below.)



This is the end of this article, but as with last year, we will introduce the site that will deliver on-site reports later, stay in tune!

About the special site during DAIS

This year, we have prepared a special site to report on the session contents and the situation from the DAIS site! We plan to update the blog every day during DAIS, so please take a look.