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Accelerating the Development of Viewership Personas with a Unified Feature Store

I'm Chen from the Lakehouse Department of the GLB Division. Based on a report by Mr. Nagasato, who is participating in Data + AI SUMMIT 2023 (DAIS2023) held in San Francisco, he will discuss the theme of "Accelerating the Development of Viewership Personas with a Unified Feature Store." Accelerating development)” is an overview of the lecture.

This lecture will focus on the acceleration of viewer personala development through the use of data. The lecture introduced "Gemini," a platform for planning customer itineraries using data, and "Unified Feature Store," a one-stop shop for its internal data users. I was. It was explained how to streamline the development of Audience Pasona by using the database as one of the orchestration tools or platforms and executing the database workflow as an automation tool.

Workflow automation using databases

Databases are often used as orchestration tools and platforms, and automating database workflows enables efficient data management. Specifically, there are the following methods.

  1. Use databases as orchestration tools to automate data workflows.
  2. Utilize the database as a platform to centralize data collection, analysis, and utilization.

Provides statistics for customer-tailored offers

The Gemini platform provides stats for one customer per day based on the packages they have developed, what they have purchased and what they have watched in the previous month. Therefore, it is possible to present a plan that meets the customer's preferences, such as the following.

  1. Suggesting content based on customer interests
  2. Formulation of marketing strategies based on customer purchase history
  3. Optimization of recommendations based on customer viewing history

Efficient data utilization with Unified Feature Store

The Unified Feature Store is a one-stop shop for data users inside the Gemini platform, offering features such as:

  1. Centralized data management: Centralize data collected from various data sources and make it easily accessible to data users
  2. Data standardization: Transform data from disparate data sources into a unified format and present it in a form that is easy for data users to consume.
  3. Data quality management: Provide a mechanism to maintain and improve data quality, so that data users can use highly reliable data

In this way, by devising ways to use the database, it becomes possible to streamline the development of viewer pasonas and plan proposals that match customer preferences. By leveraging the Gemini platform and the Unified Feature Store, data users will be able to leverage their data more efficiently and accelerate business growth.


In the lecture, we introduced the Gemini platform and the Unified Feature Store to accelerate the development of audience personalities using data. By devising ways to utilize the database, it becomes possible to streamline the development of audience pasonas and make proposals that match customer preferences. We will continue to pay attention to the evolution of data utilization.


This content based on reports from members on site participating in DAIS sessions. During the DAIS period, articles related to the sessions will be posted on the special site below, so please take a look.

Translated by Johann


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