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Getting Insight From Anything: Gathering Data With IoT Devices and Delta Live


I'm Chen from the Lakehouse Department of the GLB Division. Based on a report by Ichimura, who is participating in Data + AI SUMMIT 2023 (DAIS) held in San Francisco, he published the title "Getting Insight From Anything: Gathering Data With IoT Devices and Delta Live." Collecting Data with Delta Live)” is an overview of the session.

In this session, Andrew Blance explained how to collect data for data-driven decision-making and insight into business issues. Discussions were held on issues in data collection and their solutions.

Challenges of data-driven decision-making and data collection

Data-driven decision-making has become a critical part of business. However, data collection poses challenges such as:

  1. Data quality and integrity
  2. Efficiency of data collection and analysis
  3. Data security and privacy

Andrew Blance proposed a data collection method using IoT devices and Delta Live to solve these issues.

Data collection using IoT devices

IoT devices are equipped with various sensors and actuators and can collect data in real time. This has the following advantages:

  1. Improve data quality and integrity
  2. Efficient data collection
  3. Real-time data analysis

However, data collection using IoT devices has data security and privacy issues. Delta Live was proposed to solve this.

Data collection using Delta Live

Delta Live is a platform for real-time analysis and insights from data collected from IoT devices. It has the following features.

  1. Ensuring data security and privacy
  2. Real-time analysis of data
  3. Data visualization and dashboard creation

This allows you to effectively make data-driven decisions by combining IoT devices with Delta Live.


Data collection methods leveraging IoT devices and Delta Live are effective tools for data-driven decision-making and insight into business issues. Solve data quality and integrity, efficiency, security and privacy challenges to support business decision making. Future technological advances are expected to enable even more effective data collection and analysis.


We introduced the contents of the session based on the reports from the members participating in DAIS on site. Articles about the session will be posted on the special site below, so please take a look.


Translated by Johann