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Data Democratization with Lakehouse: An Open Banking Application Case

Bradesco Bank Utilizes Delta Sharing Technology to Achieve Data Democratization and Open Banking

​​This is Johann from the Global Engineering Department of the GLB Division. I wrote an article summarizing the content of the session based on reports from Mr. Ichimura participating in Data + AI SUMMIT2023 (DAIS).​

I would like to discuss an interesting presentation on data democratization and open banking. The title of the presentation is "Data Democratization with Lakehouse: An Open Banking Application Case." The presenters are Fabio and Pedro, data & AI experts working at Bradesco Bank. In this presentation, they introduce how Bradesco Bank uses Delta sharing technology to democratize data and achieve open banking. The target audience includes technicians interested in data and AI, people working in the financial industry, and those interested in open banking. ​ Let's dive into the content of the presentation! ​

Overview of Bradesco Bank and Open Banking

​ Bradesco Bank is one of the leading banks in Brazil and has been pursuing innovation since its inception. As part of its efforts, the bank is utilizing Delta sharing technology to achieve data democratization and open banking. ​ Open banking involves banks sharing customer data with other financial institutions and service providers, with the customer's consent, to create new financial services and promote competition. However, data sharing comes with security and privacy challenges. In Brazil, the concept of open finance is being adopted to aim for more extensive data sharing in financial services. ​

Realizing Data Democratization and Open Banking with Delta Sharing Technology

​ Delta sharing is an open-source technology that streamlines data sharing and management. It has the following features: ​

  1. Protecting data security and privacy

  2. Enabling real-time data sharing and access

  3. Facilitating data version control and change history tracking

​ At Bradesco Bank, Delta sharing technology is being used for the following initiatives: ​

  1. Secure sharing of customer data: With the customer's consent, data is shared with other financial institutions and service providers to promote the creation of new financial services.

  2. Data access control: Delta sharing is used to finely control access permissions to data, protecting security and privacy.

  3. Real-time data sharing and access: Customer data is shared in real-time, enabling rapid service provision and decision-making.

Cloud Solution Initiatives for Data Sharing

Bradesco Bank is working on initiatives using Delta sharing technology to achieve data democratization and open banking. These initiatives have enabled the data ingestion process and the utilization of Lake House solutions. ​ The data ingestion process involves the following steps: ​

  1. Data collection: Data is collected from various sources, such as customer data and transaction data.

  2. Data cleansing: Collected data is organized, and unnecessary data is removed.

3 Data integration: Cleansed data is integrated and stored in a centralized data store.

​ Through this process, Lake House solutions are utilized. Lake House solutions combine the features of data warehouses and data lakes, making data ingestion and analysis easier. ​


​ Bradesco Bank is utilizing Delta sharing technology to achieve data democratization and open banking, promoting innovation in financial services. It is expected that such initiatives will continue to spread, and more financial institutions will create new services and enhance their competitiveness through data sharing.


This content based on reports from members on site participating in DAIS sessions. During the DAIS period, articles related to the sessions will be posted on the special site below, so please take a look.

Translated by Johann



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