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Data + AI Summit 2023 On Site Report


This is Gibo from the GLB Division Lakehouse Department. I'm in San Francisco to participate in the Data + AI Summit 2023 that started today. In this article, I would like to share a little bit of the local situation with you.


Venue Appearance

As I walked to the venue, I found several announcements of the Data + AI Summit.
Main venue Moscone Center South

Venue interior

We arrived at the venue earlier than usual today, so there were only a handful of attendees. Key notes and sessions will start tomorrow, so the number of participants will increase further, and the venue will be lively.

After completing the reception, I got a badge for participants.


Starting tomorrow, I will be uploading key notes and the contents of each session on my blog, so please continue to support me. www.ap-com.co.jp

Translated by Johann