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Beyond AI/ML: Digital Twin


I'm Chen from the GLB Division Lakehouse Department. The other day, Mr. Ichimura of our company introduced "[Data + AI Summit 2023 special site] (https://www.ap-com.co.jp/data_ai_summit-2023/)". In this article, we will introduce the highlights of "Data + AI Summit 2023".

Today, I will not talk about the technology part, but about the "Digital Twin", which is an application example of data.

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What is a Digital Twin?

(Below translated from original Japanese version) As we enter the era of big data, I think we are hearing more and more the word “digital twin”. Digital twin is "Digital Twin" in English, which translates literally to "digital twin". Wikipedia interprets it as follows:

Digital twins are “digital replicas” of physical assets, processes, people, places, systems and devices that can be used for various purposes.

(References: "Digital Twin", "Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia Japanese Edition". Viewed on Friday, June 02, 2023 at 11:00 JST, デジタルツイン - Wikipedia

It's a little hard to imagine this "digital replica", but weather forecast information, which is indispensable in our daily lives, is actually a kind of digital twin. Various research institutes, including the Japan Meteorological Agency, provide weather and disaster prevention information by simulating daily rain and cloud movements on supercomputers. And post-verification (prediction accuracy verification) is also performed. This will be the "digital twin" of the Earth, and we are already implementing the "digital twin" in our daily lives!

Digital Twin in 「Data + AI Summit 2023」

Two talks related to digital twins will be given at the upcoming Data + AI Summit 2023 in San Francisco.

  1. Accenture | Factory of the Future: Case Study of Building Digital Twins Using Knowledge Graphs and Generative AI
  2. JetBlue’s Real-Time AI & ML Digital Twin Journey Using Databricks

These talks will introduce the implementation and evolution of digital twins. I am personally looking forward to it.

In addition to the talk, Databricks also recently announced the Databricks Solution Accelerator under the theme "Industry Solutions - Accelerating Data and AI Outcomes." Click here for details:


Accelerator templates are available for various situations. Among them, the digital twin is also included.

In this way, the use of data in various industries will spread in the future, and the use of AI and ML will lead to the expansion of digital twins. Digital twins created based on the results (data) of AI/ML are used to understand the current situation and predict development in each industry, and are also expected to be useful in corporate policy and decision-making processes. Although this is a field that has just begun, I have a feeling that more and more attention will be paid to the development of "digital twins" in the future.

APC Data + AI Summit 2023 Special Site

At "Data + AI Summit 2023", AP Communications, which has a partnership agreement with Databricks, plans to deliver keynote speeches and the latest update information from the local site sequentially from our special site!

During the period until the event, we plan to post the charm and highlights of Databricks. We will also cooperate with the people of Databricks, so if you are even slightly interested, we would appreciate it if you could join us for about a month.



Thank you for reading until the end. This time, we will introduce a new concept called digital twin. In Japan in the future, the use of AI and ML based on various data is expected to expand at the same time as the use of data in industry expands. Furthermore, it is expected that the results of AI and ML will be used as "digital twins" to make predictions and verifications in various industries, and that they will become an indispensable presence for the development of industries.

We provide a wide range of support, from the introduction of a data analysis platform using Databricks to support for in-house production. If you are interested, please contact us.


We are also looking for people to work with us! We look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in APC.

Translated by Johann