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Data + AI Summit Keynote Day 2 Part 1

Discussing the Future and Evolution of AI at the Data + AI Summit Keynote Day 2

​This is Johann from the Global Engineering Department of the GLB Division. ​ Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to talk about the presentations at the Data + AI Summit Keynote Day 2. In these presentations, the future and evolution of AI were discussed, as well as the value and challenges of AI. The speakers were Arsalan Tavakoli, founder and Senior Vice President of Field Engineering, and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google. ​ This blog article is divided into three parts, and this blog is the first part. Now, let's take a look at the content of the presentations. ​

The Development and Value of AI

​ First, the presentation explained the development of AI, revealing that the value of AI is estimated to be $40 trillion. This demonstrates the potential power of AI and its expected role in future technological developments. ​

Generative AI and the Focus on Models

​ Next, the topic of generative AI focusing on models was discussed. While some believe that the world is heading towards a few large-scale foundational models, others believe that there is a balance of open and specialized models. The opinion that both are necessary was presented. ​

What is Generative AI?

​ Generative AI refers to AI technology that generates new information and ideas from data. The following are its features: ​ - Generates new information based on data - Compatible with various data formats, such as images and text - Expected to be utilized in creative fields ​

The Balance of Large-Scale Foundational Models and Specialized Models

​ Large-scale foundational models have a lot of data and knowledge and can be used in a wide range of fields, while specialized models have knowledge specific to certain fields. In this presentation, the opinion that both models are necessary was presented. ​

The Hype and Excitement of AI

​ The presentation also touched on the hype and excitement of AI. It was explained that the hype around AI has increased due to the internet creating instant success for digital products. The difference in adoption rates between GPT and Gmail was cited as an example, showing that the hype and excitement of AI are raising the attention to new technologies. ​

AI Challenges and Risks: The Important Role of Human Feedback

​ The challenges and risks of AI were also discussed. The importance of human feedback in improving AI models was emphasized, and the uncertainty and fear regarding regulations, as well as the cost of GPU training and access, were pointed out as significant barriers. ​

The Importance of Data in Driving Improvement and Impact in AI Use Cases

​ Finally, the importance of data in driving improvement and impact in AI use cases was emphasized. Data plays a central role in the development of AI technology and its application to businesses. ​


​ At the Data + AI Summit Keynote Day 2, discussions were held on the future and evolution of AI. The value of AI is estimated to be $40 trillion, and topics such as generative AI and the focus on models were also discussed. The balance between large-scale foundational models and specialized models is important for future technological developments. Additionally, the hype and excitement, challenges and risks of AI were discussed, and the importance of data was emphasized. These discussions are expected to become increasingly important in the evolution of AI technology and its application to businesses.


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Translated by Johann


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