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Experience the New Era of Data & AI: Taking Bold Steps - 01


This is Abe from the Lakehouse Department of the GLB Division. I wrote an article summarizing the content of the session based on the report by Ichimura who participated in Data + AI SUMMIT2023 (DAIS) on site.

Hello! This time, we will introduce the lecture "Experience the New Era of Data & AI: Taking Bold Steps", which is a lecture on improving business performance using data and AI solutions that energy company Betunas is working on. Mr. Aman Kapoor of Petronas gave a lecture.

The theme and purpose of this talk is to showcase how Petronas, an energy company with a strong commitment to sustainability, leverages data AI solutions to improve business performance.

This blog consists of two parts, and this time we will deliver the first part. Now let's take a look at what Petronas is doing!

Petronas' commitment to sustainability

As a global energy-focused company, Petronas has a strong commitment to sustainability and has been noted for its commitment to achieving low carbon emissions in the last two years. In this presentation, Petronas introduced its efforts to improve business performance by leveraging data and AI solutions.

Background of Sustainability Initiatives

The background to Petronas' commitment to sustainability is as follows.

  • Social responsibility as an energy company
  • Achieving low carbon emissions as part of global warming countermeasures
  • Improve business performance by leveraging data and AI solutions

Utilized data AI solutions to achieve low carbon emissions.

How to use data AI solutions

We leveraged Data AI solutions for the following use cases:

  1. Optimization of energy consumption
  2. More efficient power grid
  3. Promoting the use of renewable energy

Specifically, the following technologies are used.

  • Real-time monitoring of energy consumption by IoT devices
  • AI-powered energy demand forecasting and supply optimization
  • Optimize power grid efficiency and maintenance plans through data analysis

About the latest concepts, features and services

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Petronas has developed and implemented the latest concepts, features and services, including:

  • Efforts to realize smart grid
  • Development of energy management system
  • Providing services that promote energy efficiency

These efforts are expected to improve business performance while fulfilling our sustainability responsibilities.


Energy company Petronas is committed to sustainability and leveraging data AI solutions to improve business performance. In the past two years, we have achieved low carbon emissions, and we are seeing results, and we look forward to further efforts toward sustainability by developing and introducing the latest concepts, functions, and services. .

In Part 2 of the next installment, we will discuss in detail the challenges Petronas faces as it uses data AI solutions to improve business performance, as well as its efforts to democratize data. looking forward to!


This content based on reports from members on site participating in DAIS sessions. During the DAIS period, articles related to the sessions will be posted on the special site below, so please take a look.

Translated by Johann


Thank you for your continued support!