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Leveraging GenAI to Accelerate Innovation


This session aimed to reveal how the adoption of AI technologies like natural language processing and generative AI is redefining and streamlining approaches to handling product information. This not only enhances the effectiveness of sales representatives during customer interactions but also boosts the overall productivity of the company.

Such technological adaptions not only enhance the accessibility of information on medications but also focus on improving the quality of service provided by its representatives. The ongoing development and integration of AI and GenAI at Mankind Pharma represent a transformative journey setting new standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Engineering Solutions and Iterative Development

In this discussion, we tackled the engineering challenges and iterative processes needed to rapidly introduce GenAI technology in the pharmaceutical field.

Initially, the choice to use specific datasets for Proof of Concept (POC) and testing phases led to significant gaps in data context, making it difficult to accurately assess whether solutions were functioning effectively.

Moreover, the lack of semantic information and other critical data beyond what was initially inputted into GenAI posed prominent challenges. These issues were severe enough to consider other alternatives by customers. However, the resilience and adaptability of the engineering team during this phase were crucial. They meticulously processed all feedback and made necessary adjustments to enhance GenAI's text generation capabilities, marking a significant development in the project's progress.

Reimplementing this solution in the Indian context was transformative, thanks to the efforts of the engineering team, significantly advancing the project.

Through this iterative process, we recognized the importance of gradual GenAI solution development and organizational adaptation. The implementation began in the CEO’s office and eventually expanded to field representatives, highlighting the necessity for effective dataset management and continuous learning through ongoing adjustments.

The journey of integrating GenAI not only encompasses technological advancements but also fosters organizational growth and learning. This session emphasized how such innovative processes step-by-step unlock new possibilities and pave the way for transformative solutions in healthcare.

This section highlighted the iterative development of GenAI technology and its phased organizational adoption, demonstrating how each stage of feedback and adjustment contributes to refined solutions that drive innovation while meeting practical needs.

Expediting Innovation with GenAI

Advanced AI Applications and Industry Comparison

Hello, everyone! I recently participated in the session "Accelerating Innovation with GenAI" and gained a lot of valuable knowledge that I want to share with you. A particularly noted discussion in this session focused on the use of voice data, specifically on advancements in sentiment analysis technology.

Voice Data Sentiment Analysis

Experts discussed how voice data analysis can assess individual moods and mental states. When daily reports are expressed through voice, not only the content but also the emotional nuances are studied—detected feelings include confidence, confusion, and satisfaction. This analysis helps understand whether employees are merely going through the motions or are genuinely engaged in their work.

Structuring Unstructured Data

Additionally, the challenge of dealing with messy unstructured data was emphasized. AI technology plays a crucial role in transforming spoken words into readable, actionable text. This concept also extends to organizing data into formats suitable for comprehensive reports and analysis, streamlining operational processes.

Data Aggregation

Furthermore, the session revealed methods for integrating diverse voice datasets collected in different languages into standardized structured formats. This procedure ensures that, regardless of the original formats, all data effectively contributes to collective insights.


This session highlighted how generative AI (GenAI) is playing a transformative role across industries, enhancing internal efficiencies and improving customer interactions through deeper emotional insights. AI's ability to process vast amounts of unstructured data and understand its meaning not only aids decision-making but also empowers companies to remain competitive in rapidly evolving markets. As innovations continue, understanding these advancements becomes increasingly crucial.

Stay tuned for more updates on the role of AI in promoting innovation and growth across industries!

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